Oferta beca FPI

El MSLAB (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) ofrece una beca FPI asociada al proyecto V+Real: Virtualización y visualización de avatares personalizados por medio de aprendizaje automático.
El plazo de solicitudes es del 12 al 26 de enero en esta URL.
Los interesados pueden contactar directamente a jorge.lopez@urjc.es

Narrative and artistically guided digital 3D content generation with AI. This research topic is particularly relevant for the gaming, media and entertainment industries. Data-driven deep learning natural language systems such as GPT-3, have proven to be a powerful tool for automatic and procedural generation of text-based narratives. The tasks of the thesis would involve defining methods and developing novel tools to help users in creating novel 3D content, animations, visual effects and interactive events for virtual 3D environments, by means of natural language and intuitive interfaces, where the AI fills entire scenarios departing from simple ideas and visual examples.